How to setup TeamSpeak3 in Ubuntu

This guide is a combination of two others (linked below) that I used to successfully setup a TeamSpeak3 server running in Ubuntu.

40,000ft Overview:

  • Create a specific TeamSpeak user
  • Download and install the latest TeamSpeak manually
  • Setup the configs
  • Auto-run on start-up

Create the TeamSpeak user:

sudo adduser teamspeak
su teamspeak

To get the latest TeamSpeak Installers browse through the listing here - keeping in mind that you are looking for the 'server' files. At the time of writing the client software but the server is only at


Download the files to your server:

wget http://teamspeak.gameserver.gamed.de/ts3/releases/

Unzip them:

tar xvf teamspeak3-server_linux-amd64-

Move the unzipped files into a more human friendly folder:

mv teamspeak3-server_linux-amd64 teamspeak

And set some permissions to allow them to execute:

cd teamspeak
chmod +X ts3server_linux_amd64
chmod +X ts3server_minimal_runscript.sh

Now we will automatically create the ts3server.ini file:

./ts3server_minimal_runscript.sh createinifile=1

You will be presented with the IMPORTANT information re the server token and serveradmin usernames and passwords. Note this down in a safe place for your first login.

To autorun the server:

sudo pico /etc/rc.local

and add before the "exit 0" type:

sleep 2
su teamspeak -c '/home/teamspeak/teamspeak/ts3server_minimal_runscript.sh inifile=ts3server.ini' &

Save and exit - to test try and restart your server:

sudo shutdown -r now




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